Brendan Sudol
December 2017

2017 numbers

  • I read 28 books, which is a new PR, and well above my 20 book goal for the year. I want to keep this pace up.
  • I ran 310 miles across 118 runs. This isn’t great but also not bad considering I was basically at zero going into June. My goal for 2018 is 500 miles.
  • I watched 60 movies. Highlights: Get Out, The Big Sick, Wind River. This is the first time I’ve tracked this. No goals for 2018 but I hope to go on many more cinematic adventures :)
  • I shipped code on 293 days, or ~80% of days. Not a super useful metric, though I do believe quantity is a leading indicator of quality.
  • I spoke at 2 conferences: MozFest and PyGotham (slide decks are here). This was very much out of my comfort zone but I think they went pretty well and it was great public speaking practice.