Brendan Sudol
September 2013

Clever counties

It’s been too long since I played around with d3.js. So I decided to get some US Census data and make a little visualization.

I was curious about what areas of the country have the highest (and lowest) college degree density. Fortunately, Census Quickfacts reports that down to the county level (along with having tons of other interesting stats).

It turns out that nationally, about 28% of people over 25 have a bachelor’s degree or higher. But there is a lot of fluctuation on the county level, from a low of 4% (Issaquena County, MS) to a high of 72% (Falls Church City, VA). Virginia represent!

Use the slider below to explore more; you can hover over the map to see how individual counties stack up. All d3 code used below is here.

>= 0% (of county population with bach. degree)
3,195 / 3,195 counties (100%)