Brendan Sudol
April 2015

Noodle Fuel

I’m happy to annouce my latest side project, Noodle Fuel.

It’s built upon two tenets:

  • There’s a ton of interesting content published every day around the web, and too much of it falls through the cracks for too many people.
  • Learning new, interesting, and unexpected things across a wide array of subjects is awesome and should happen all the time.

So what does Noodle Fuel do? Every day, it rounds up the most emailed articles on the New York Times, the most recommended stories on Medium, and the most popular posts on Instapaper. It also grabs a random featured article from Wikipedia, an interesting word from Merriam-Webster, and a few fun facts from Snapple caps. It puts this information together in a simple, clean format and sends you an email in the morning. The content is also pushed to the site if you prefer to consume it that way or if you want a quick way to scan through prior days.

So far, it’s been been my go-to reading & jump-off point in the morning as I sip my coffee. I hope you like it, too.