Brendan Sudol

Hello, I'm Brendan! I'm a software engineer based in Washington, D.C. I'm interested in data visualization, machine learning, generative design, and building fun things on the web. I also really like to golf.


Late Night LOL 35k+ monologue jokes. 10+ years. All your favorite hosts.
Wemoji Animated, inclusive emojis. We're better together.
Vinobot A tipsy little robot that generates ridiculous wine tasting notes.
Better Know Your Area Explore social, economic, and housing data in the USA.
DC Food Trucks Today A real-time(ish) map of yummy food trucks in the DC area.
Jeopractice Practice Jeopardy! questions from 30+ years of shows.
Uncoverly Discover the best and most beautiful products on Etsy.

Mini Projects

The Winterfallen Predict and share who will die in the Battle of Winterfell.
Emotion Extractor Detect faces and classify emotions with Tensorflow.js.
Team Coco Search and explore Conan’s monologue jokes (2010-18).
AI Joke Generation Generate jokes with a recurrent neural network.
DC Metro Catcher When's the train coming? Should you run to catch it?
United Statemojis A visualization of Twitter emoji usage by state.
Hi-Lo Practice Practice your blackjack card counting skillz.
Spot it - Emoji Edition A fast, simple game to find the one shared emoji.
Presidential Pick'em Create your own presidential election forecast.
Alpha Bravo Charlie Convert words and phrases to a phonetic alphabet.
College Rankings Create your own Top Colleges list based on your interests.