Brendan Sudol
August 2015

DC Food Trucks Today

I’m happy to announce my latest side project, DC Food Trucks Today.

DC Food Trucks Today

It’s a real-time map of all the scrumptious food trucks in the DC area. Locations are determined by analyzing recent tweets of food truck Twitter accounts.

I was inspired to make this because:

  • Food trucks are sooo good, and I wanted a very simple way to see what was around me so I could plan for and get excited about my upcoming lunches.
  • It seems like the current way to do this is to use, which I found to be a bit frustrating to navigate (for example, I think the map is too small and difficult to decipher).
  • I recently discovered Mapbox during a hackathon, loved it, and wanted to dig in a bit more with their API.

If you’re a food truck owner, you can log in with your Twitter account to further customize your locations throughout the day:

DC Food Trucks Today

There’s still a few more things I’d like to add (for example, allowing users to add trucks / locations that are missing, search functionality, the ability for truck owners to offer discounts), but for now, it’s a start. If you’re in the DC area and hungry, give it a shot and let me know what you think.